murmurmur share driving new single ‘Marianne’ from forthcoming EP

The story of the Baby Austin owned by Will Fletcher's dad

Melbourne rock band murmurmur have shared ‘Marianne’, the second single from their forthcoming second EP ‘Moving Objects’.

The track, released today (October 13), follows on from the release of ‘Alive’ in August. Like the rest of the ‘Moving Objects’ EP, ‘Marianne’ was co-produced by the band with Holy Holy guitarist Oscar Dawson.

In a press statement, lead vocalist and guitarist Will Fletcher explained that the titular Marianne is not, in fact, a woman – but actually a car that his father owned in the 60s while he was living in London. The car was the 1938 model of Austin’s economy car the Austin 7, better known as the Baby Austin.


Listen to ‘Marianne’ below:

“At the beginning of its journey it was a normal vehicle,” Fletcher said of the Baby Austin. “By the end, it was a doorless wonder that required the fuel to be pumped manually with a stick whilst being driven.

“The car was regularly driven to Emsworth where my grandmother had a restaurant called Fletcher’s. On these trips to Emsworth the driving was often unhinged, and the car would get airborne over bridges. These stories of being simultaneously out of control, but seemingly in control, inspired the lyrics.”

murmurmur will release the ‘Moving Objects’ EP on November 25. A week later, on December 1, they will also launch the EP with an intimate live show at Melbourne venue Small Time. In addition to having a live audience, the show will also be live-streamed on Small Time’s YouTube channel on the night.