Music prodigy Nandi Bushell returns the favour, writes Dave Grohl a theme song

Appropriately titled 'Rock and Grohl - The EPIC Battle'

Music prodigy Nandi Bushell has returned the favour of honouring her number one fan Dave Grohl with his very own superhero theme.

The ingenious little number, aptly titled ‘Rock and Grohl – The EPIC Battle’, comes after the Foo Fighters frontman honoured the 10-year-old by composing her own superhero theme.

Sharing her original song to YouTube, Bushell wrote, “Mr Grohl. The song you wrote for me was truly, truly EPIC! You really are LEGENDARY!


“I wrote a song for you to say THANK YOU! I made up and played all the instrument parts myself, just like you! It’s called ‘ROCK and GROHL, The EPIC Battle’!

“I hope you love my song, as much as I love your song for me! Whoever wins this round, it’s been an HONOUR to battle you. The Rock Gods of old are happy! Thank you Dave Grohl and [Foo Fighters].”

Watch Bushell rock out in her purple superhero cape below:

In August, Grohl responded to a challenge posed by Bushell, in which the aspiring rocker challenged the 51-year-old to a drum-off through a video she posted of a cover of the band’s hit song ‘Everlong’.

Last month, Bushell then followed up Grohl’s effort and counter-challenge, when she dressed up just like Grohl and took on the Foo Fighters’ ‘Dead End Friends’, imitating almost every move Grohl makes in the music video.


“CHECKMATE!” she said, before adding: “The rock Gods are smiling upon us.”

Bushell has been impressing music fans for years with her renditions of top rock hits. Her take on Nirvana‘s ‘In Bloom’ went viral and her performance of Queens Of The Stone Age‘s ‘No One Knows’ was lauded by the band.

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