MusicNSW launches interactive tour-planning platform Regional Touring Network

Created in an effort to make planning a tour in regional NSW easier for artists

MusicNSW have announced the launch of an interactive tour-planner, the Regional Touring Network (RTN), aimed at making touring through regional NSW easier for artists.

Some of the RTN’s key features include map-based tour planning, enabling users to browse regional venues and calculate travel times, among other details. The platform also offers suggested touring circuits, which are customisable. You can explore the RTN here.

In a press release shared today (June 8), MusicNSW explained that users of the RTN can access extensive information on regional venues, including contacts and booking details, capacity numbers, accessibility information and tech specifications. The website is “designed to grow”, too – regional venues who aren’t currently listed on the RTN can apply to be added here.


The RTN is the outcome of the MusicNSW’s Regional Music Officer program, which employed music-savvy people across the state to encourage relationships among their local industry bodies.

Renowned singer-songwriter Fanny Lumsden said described the initiative as “the missing puzzle piece for artists wanting to tour regionally or even fill in gaps on their tours but not knowing where to start”.

“It has all the info you need and is such a great tool for bringing more music out west of the great divide,” Lumsden added. “Anything that continues to build community for regional venues and artists – I am a big fan of, and I definitely think the RTN will help with that.”

Hip-hop artist DOBBY also enthused about the RTN: “If you haven’t checked out this Regional Touring Network by MusicNSW yet, get familiar with it because I feel like it’s going to go gangbusters. It’s a total game-changer for touring artists.”

Managing Director of MusicNSW, Emily Collins said: “Touring regional NSW just got a whole lot easier, and we’re excited to see the impact the RTN will have on the touring circuit in our state. It’s built for growth too, with new venues and regions being added all the time.

“The RTN showcases our wealth of venues, and provides regional and metro artists everything they need to explore NSW and take their career to the next level.”