Nadia Reid and Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fullbrook share new songs during radio performance

Reid's 'Woman, Apart' and Fullbrook's 'Diving And Soaring' were written in lockdown

Longtime friends Nadia Reid and Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fullbrook have shared new songs they wrote in lockdown, during a studio performance on Radio New Zealand.

The pair appeared on the program Music 101 on Saturday (October 3), where they spoke about their friendship, living together and music. They also performed a 20-minute set of old and new songs, playing some together and some individually.

Among the songs were tracks they’d created in lockdown, with Reid sharing ‘Woman, Apart’, written earlier this year, and Fullbrook performing ‘Diving And Soaring’, written less than a month ago.


Introducing her song, Reid said “I didn’t feel terribly creative in lockdown, but somehow I manged to write this towards the end.”

You can listen to the full performance here, with Reid’s new song starting at 11.30 and Fullbrook’s at 16.45.

The pair wrapped up the set with a cover of ‘Dominion Road’, by Auckland band The Mutton Birds.

“This song is a song by a legend man called Don McGlashan from the band The Mutton Birds,” Reid said, introducing the track.

“I just listened to this album over and over again in lockdown and I decided to fiddle around with the song and it seems sort of appropriate that we’re playing it now as a sort of love song to Auckland.”


The duo are currently touring New Zealand as Reid and Ruins, performing songs from their respective albums together and alone.

Fullbrook’s ‘Diving And Soaring’ is the first new music we’ve heard from the Tiny Ruins frontwoman since 2019, when her band released their album, ‘Olympic Girls’.

Reid released her third studio album ‘Out of My Province’ in March this year, the follow up to 2017’s ‘Preservation’.