NCT Dream say ‘Hot Sauce’ let them to show a “higher level of maturity”

"We can be a perfect example of what growth and development look like"

NCT Dream have revealed that they feel their latest album ‘Hot Sauce’ showcases the group’s growth both as people and artists.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the boyband discussed the immense success of their debut full-length ‘Hot Sauce’ as well as the evolution of their music. NCT Dream, a subunit of the SM Entertainment supergroup NCT, first made their debut in 2016 with ‘Chewing Gum’ and were initially comprised of the seven youngest members of NCT.

As a subunit started out as one that was focused on NCT’s teenaged members, Jisung explained that “a lot of [their] music was very bright and colourful, and that went with [their] age”. However, now that many of them are starting to enter their twenties, he added that they were able to showcase a “higher level of maturity” on ‘Hot Sauce’.


One such aspect was the much-anticipated return of Canadian-Korean member Mark Lee, who had initially left the group in 2018 once he turned 20 (19 in international age). This was due to the group’s original rotational concept as a subunit for the youngest members in NCT. However, SM Entertainment eventually scrapped the system in 2020 and announced Mark’s return to the group.

“When I heard that I was coming back, I realized how big of an opportunity this could be,” Mark said. “And not only that, but to be able to be part of our first full-length album, I felt like I was lucking [out]. It all comes with the timing and everything, so, from all angles, I felt like the world helped out on this, and that our fans helped out a lot too.”

“Our fans witnessed it all from the start. We grew together, so now it’s time to show what it is like with NCT Dream being adults. We can be a perfect example of what growth and development look like,” he added.

In other NCT-related news, SM Entertainment has partnered with production company MGM Worldwide Television Group for a new K-pop competition TV series that will launch the US-based NCT-Hollywood.