NCT’s Ten talks new single ‘Paint Me Naked’ and making his own music

“I just wanna [be] involved in my own music”

NCT member Ten recently opened up about his new single ‘Paint Me Naked’ and his thoughts on a solo music.

During an appearance on the DIVE Studio podcast series Get Real, hosted by Ashley Choi and BtoB‘s Peniel, the Thai-born singer discussed the creative process behind ‘Paint Me Naked’, which dropped on August 10. He also shared that he wishes to express himself more through solo music.

“This [was] the first time I got to choose my own song, get to give my opinion on the music video, the clothing, the lyrics, the art,” said Ten, adding that he “kind of felt insecure” because of the newfound creative freedom. The idol also shared that he was surprised when his company SM Entertainment asked for his input for the release.



Ten also discussed his desire to make his own music. “You know when everyone prepares stuff for you, and then you have to read a script and introduce your own song, like, I don’t feel like it’s me,” he said. “I just wanna [be] involved in my own music, and be able to really explain it by myself.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the idol, who is a member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM also talked about how he manages being in three groups at once, revealing that with the help of his manager and ample rest periods, he was “doing fine”.

‘Paint Me Naked’ was the fourth SM Station release overall in 2021, in an unusually quiet year for the project, which typically releases new tracks every other week. Aside from Ten, the SM Station releases this year have included ‘Coffee’ by SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun, ‘Tomorrow’ by Chanyeol of EXO and ‘Cough Syrup’ by Kangta.