NCT’s Taeil, Kun and YangYang enjoy the summer in new ‘Rain Day’ music video

The latest track from the boyband's 'NCT Lab' project is out now

NCT singers Taeil, Kun and YangYang have released a new track ‘Rain Day’ and its accompanying music video under the NCT U sub-unit.

In the new visual, the three NCT singers enjoy a jam-packed summer day riding bicycles, playing badminton and having picnics, accompanied by a group of friends and a dog. As night falls, the group get caught in the rain and begin dancing.

Fallin’ down all night / Drivin’ down your way tonight / I don’t care about the lights / Baby you should realise / Imma be there whenever you’re needing me, always,” they sing in the chorus.


NCT U’s Chinese member Kun participated in producing, writing, composing and arranging the English-language track.

‘Rain Day’ is the most recent ‘NCT Lab’ project, following the single ‘Age Of Light’, which saw members Mark, Doyoung and Haechan come together for a South Korean tourism project of the same name. It was commissioned for a a “large-scale realistic content experience space” held at Gwanghwamun in Seoul city.

‘NCT Lab’, which exists under the company-wide ‘SM Station’ initiative, first launched in February with Mark’s solo song ‘Child’. ‘NCT Lab’ currently serves as a channel for the members of NCT to release new music, solo or otherwise. It is also separate from official NCT records to be released this year.

In other NCT news, SM Entertainment recently announced the launch of a new global audition programme in search of new members for the boyband. The label are scouting for male trainees born between 2001 and 2008 through in-person auditions held across 14 cities.

NCT Dream recently dropped ‘Beatbox’, a repackaged version of their second studio album ‘Glitch Mode’, led by a title track of the same name. ‘Beatbox’ saw the addition of four new tracks to the album’s existing 11. The album arrived nearly two months after the release of ‘Glitch Mode’ in March, which was given four stars in a review by NME.