New 3,000-capacity live music venue proposed in St Kilda

One local councillor said there was a gap in the market for a "stand up, medium scale music venue"

A new live music venue has been proposed in St Kilda, near the Melbourne suburb’s foreshore.

The venue was proposed by the City of Port Phillip council as part of its St Kilda Triangle redevelopment project, and will likely sit on land adjacent to the Palais Theatre. An underground car park, pavilion and children’s park were also included in the submission.

The proposal will involve the council lobbying the state and federal governments for financial assistance in order to develop the land.


Speaking to the Herald Sun, City of Port Phillip councillor Andrew Bond acknowledged how the lack of overseas tourism has affected the area – which is considered a hotspot for backpackers – and said there was a gap in the market for a “stand up, medium scale music venue”.

“Somewhere between your local pub and the tennis centre, for those who can attract crowds of 2,000 to 3,000 people,” he said.

“That was the role Festival Hall used to play in Melbourne’s music scene and other events, that has now closed so that is the gap in the market.”

St Kilda is currently home to prominent music venues The Espy, Memo Music Hall and Palais Theatre. The council also organises the annual St Kilda Festival.

Earlier this year, the City of Port Phillip council passed a four-year plan to preference music venues over other kinds of development, protect them from demolition and place the onus on any new development near a venue to install their own noise insulation.