New music from J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest, Alex Macfarlane leads Hobbies Galore compilation

Also featuring a new collaboration from Mikey Young, The Green Child and Max Crumbs

Hobbies Galore and The Searchers record store in Melbourne have released a new compilation, featuring new music from J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest, Alex Macfarlane and more.

Titled simply, ‘The Searchers & Hobbies Galore Compilation’, it collects unreleased material from friends of the label and the record store. J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest contributes the twee opening track ‘Destroyer’, while Macfarlane – who runs Hobbies Galore – presents two songs, ‘The Giddy Thaw of Youth’ and ‘Lourdes Water’.

Listen to J.Macfarlane’s Reality Guest’s ‘Destroyer’ below. It’s the first new music from the project since their 2019 debut album, ‘Ta Da’.


The compilation also sees the debut of a new project from Mikey Young, Raven Mahon’s The Green Child and Max Crumbs, collectively titled Green Children. The ever-prolific Young also mastered the compilation.

It arrives alongside a limited edition screen printed poster by Brain Dead co-founder Ed Davis, with all proceeds of the purchase going towards Children’s Ground – a charity that works to assist the next generation of First Nations children.

The tracklist of ‘The Searchers & Hobbies Galore Compilation’ is: 

  1. J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – ‘Destroyer’
  2. Alex Macfarlane – ‘The Giddy Thaw of Youth’
  3. Green Children – ‘Geranium’
  4. Travis MacDonald – ‘The Coo-Coo Bird’
  5. Sam Perry – ‘Silvio’
  6. Big Supermarket – ‘Mr. Disinterested’
  7. Max Crumbs w/ Raven – ‘Sad Day’
  8. Alex Macfarlane – ‘Lourdes Water’
  9. Green Children – ‘Serpentine’
  10. Sam Perry – ‘Mancini’