New podcast series to investigate harassment and assault in Australia’s music industry

'Everybody Knows' is produced by Schwartz Media, the same company behind 'The Saturday Paper' and news podcast '7am'

Allegations of harassment, abuse and assault within Australia’s music industry will be the subject of a new five-part audio series, Everybody Knows.

Produced by Schwartz Media, the series is hosted by 7am presenter Ruby Jones and will dive into how the legal system, the media and a “culture of secrecy” have minimised the power of Australia’s #MeToo movement. The first episode is due to be released on September 1.

The show will include interviews with figures with a strong association to the #MeToo movement, including Amber Heard and Rose McGowan’s lawyer Jen Robinson, Geoffrey Rush’s barrister Bruce McClintock, investigative journalist Kate McClymont and a number of survivors.


“I want to know why, four years on from #MeToo, so little has changed for women in Australia,” Jones said in a statement.

“How the law, journalistic failures and a culture of ‘boys will be boys’ has combined to make speaking about abuse so impossible. How is it that everybody knows about the crimes being committed and yet nothing changes?”

The podcast comes as a temporary working group comprising music industry professionals deliberates over the next steps needed to address sexual assault in the industry. The group formed in May and was hoping to undertake its initial steps within a six-week timeframe.

Prior to the working group’s first meeting, The Industry Observer reported on an alleged rape at industry conference BIGSOUND, incorporating a recent study about sexual harassment in the music industries of Australia and New Zealand by Dr. Jeff Crabtree from the University of Technology Sydney.