New single by late Brisbane musician Tara Simmons released

Her final album will be released in March

A new song by the late Brisbane musician Tara Simmons has been released today (January 17), a year since she died following a battle with cancer. Hear ‘Let’s Go’ below.

The song, which Simmons’ team described on Facebook as “a beautifully wonky electronic bop”, was written by Simmons and her longtime collaborator Yanto Browning. It also features contributions from Sam Hales of The Jungle Giants and producer Konstantin Kersting.

‘Let’s Go’ is the second song by Simmons released after her death, following ‘North’, which was released a week after she passed. Stream the new song here:


Browning described the song to Scenestr as “Tara’s nod towards LCD Soundsystem”. He added, “When the drop hits I just dance along with a big dumb grin – it still gets me. Dancing through the shit times and wanting to party as well as be reflective and introspective was very much part of Tara’s character. And we would dance around like idiots in the studio working on this when it would fall into place.

“As the news got worse and worse, Tara’s desire to make upbeat dance tracks got greater and greater. I think she was trying to avoid the obvious, very introspective maudlin songs that would come from being terminally ill and just going ‘Well life’s a party too so I want to make sure I celebrate that’.”

Simmons’ final album, ‘Show Me Spirit ‘Til The End’, will be released on March 20. The record will be released on vinyl and marked with a “special album celebration event”, her team said.

Simmons was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2017, and started chemotherapy a week after her diagnosis. According to a crowdfunding campaign her friends started for Simmons’ medical bills, she had “multiple tumours in the left breast along with malignant lymph nodes”.

Simmons continued to work on her final album while receiving treatment. According to an open letter Browning wrote a week after her passing, “she was in the studio only two weeks ago, overseeing drum parts for one of the last songs to be completed. The vocals for the final song were recorded in the palliative care ward, with Tara perched on the end of her hospital bed, summoning the strength to sing, and of course finding that strength.”