Ngaiire announces third studio album, ‘3’

The album is due out August 27

Ngaiire has announced her long-awaited new album, simply titled ‘3’, will arrive later this year.

‘3’ will be released on August 27 through Dot Dash/Majestic Casual and feature the previously released singles ‘Shiver’ and ‘Boom’. The record was written by the singer and produced in partnership with Jack Grace over the last three years. It is Ngaiire’s third studio album, following on from ‘Blastoma’ in 2016.

According to Ngaiire’s mission statement, the process of creating ‘3’ started back in 2017 with the aim of “extracting unique visual aspects of my culture to present in a contemporary context”.


“Initially, I’d gone into the experience feeling pretty excited for what I considered my first big art project. The project was meant to deconstruct people’s misconceptions of what a Papua New Guinean is because of how I constantly had to field useless enquiries from white people who wanted to know if we all still ate people or why I was so pretty for a Papua New Guinean,” the singer said.

“What I didn’t fully realise was how callous I’d gotten from trying to maintain a career as a Warabung, Morobe, Tolai, Niu Ailan post colonial Papua New Guinean in a predominantly white space that operates on stolen Indigenous land.

“Quite immediately this whole experience ended up being a very expensive therapy session on the damages code switching can create for women of colour when trying to survive in spaces that don’t understand where you come from.”

To celebrate the announcement, Ngaiire has also released the single ‘Closer’, premiered last night on triple j’s Home & Hosed. Described by the artist as a “sweaty 80’s summer love song”, the synthy track reflects on how Ngaiire viewed love, sex and dating while growing up in post-colonial Papua New Guinea.

Listen to ‘Closer’ below:


“It’s about that desperation of lust and love that grows out of your secret fantasies for another and the silent afterthought of whether it’s wise to fall that hard because it might be short lived,” Ngaiire said.

“That level of unbridled want for someone coupled with religious guilt, heartbreak and the human need to have love reciprocated was a mean cocktail of emotions that I came to know quite well, even as a spectator.”

Ngaiire’s ‘3’ tracklist:

1. ‘3’
2. ‘Shiver’
3. ‘Shoestring’
4. ‘Closer’
5. ‘Takeover’
6. ‘Moonshine’
7. ‘Akura’
8. ‘Him’
9. ‘Boom’
10. ‘Glitter’