Ngaiire releases new single ‘Him’ from forthcoming album

The singer's forthcoming album, '3', is due out next month

Singer-songwriter Ngaiire has released a new song, ‘Him’, in the lead-up to her third studio album’s arrival next month.

‘Him’ is lifted from Ngaiire’s forthcoming LP, ‘3’, which is due out August 27. As with many tracks on the album, Ngaiire co-wrote and co-produced the song with musician Jack Grace. A post from Ngaiire’s Instagram story reveals that they originally began work on the song in 2018.

In a press statement, the singer described the single as exemplary of “the reality of the darkness traversed to get this album here”.


“It’s a letter that would have been left if I hadn’t been able to finish it,” she said.

“It’s about a deeply personal conversation that no one dreams of having with the people they love. It’s about the legacy of love.”

Listen to the single below:

Ngaiire announced ‘3’ back in May, along with a mission statement explaining how the album began by “extracting unique visual aspects of [her] culture to present in a contemporary context”.

“Initially, I’d gone into the experience feeling pretty excited for what I considered my first big art project,” the singer said.


“The project was meant to deconstruct people’s misconceptions of what a Papua New Guinean is, because of how I constantly had to field useless enquiries from white people who wanted to know if we all still ate people, or why I was so pretty for a Papua New Guinean.

“What I didn’t fully realise was how callous I’d gotten from trying to maintain a career as a Warabung, Morobe, Tolai, Niu Ailan post-colonial Papua New Guinean in a predominantly-white space that operates on stolen Indigenous land.

“Quite immediately this whole experience ended up being a very expensive therapy session on the damages code-switching can create for women of colour when trying to survive in spaces that don’t understand where you come from.”

The album includes the previously-released singles ‘Shiver’, ‘Boom’ and ‘Closer’.