Nick Cannon acknowledges Eminem as first rapper to promote popping pills in rap

"Someone has to glorify this stuff in order for us to do it"

In a discussion about drug culture in rap, Nick Cannon has acknowledged that he thinks Eminem is partially to blame for the prescription pill epidemic that is taking over hip-hop.

In a new segment from a multi-part interview with Vlad TV, Cannon asked DJ Vlad who the first rapper was that he heard “popping pills.”

Vlad answers “Eminem,” at which point Cannon looks at the camera and points in the direction of the host in a non-verbal agreement.


“I idolised Snoop. We smoke weed,” Cannon said. “All this pill poppin’ generation – I idolise E-40. We sell drugs, we don’t take ’em. What [Ice] Cube and Biggie say? ‘Don’t get high on your own supply.'”

He added, “I only know to place the blame on people who control the indoctrinated institutionalisation. Someone has to bring this stuff to us. Someone has to glorify this stuff in order for us to do it. And only reason I’m saying that is because I believe it’s our duty to shift it.”

The interview comes after a longstanding feud between the pair, revolving around Cannon’s ex-wife, Mariah Carey, reignited after Eminem took aim at Cannon and Carey on Fat Joe and Dre single ‘Lord Above’ last year.

Meanwhile, Eminem‘s 2013 track ‘Rap God’ has become the latest song to join the elite club of racking up 1 billion views on YouTube.


The track, which appeared on the ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’, now sits at 1 billion, 950 thousand views.

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