Nick Murphy to readopt Chet Faker moniker, teases new music

He plans to release a new song tomorrow

Four years after relinquishing his Chet Faker alter-ego to record under his birth name, Nick Murphy has announced plans to re-adopt the Faker moniker.

Murphy relaunched Chet Faker’s social media accounts last week and began to tease new music.

In two social media posts, Murphy/Faker confirmed that he would release a new track, entitled ‘Low’, this Friday (October 2). It will be Murphy’s first music as Chet Faker since his 2015 EP, ‘Work’.

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LOW – Friday

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‘Low’ will also be Faker’s first song released through BMG Australia & New Zealand, the label to which he recently signed.

“For Nick Murphy to bring the Chet Faker project back to life and trust the BMG team in his home market to execute this surprise return is a great honour for our team,” said Heath Johns, Managing Director for BMG Australia & New Zealand.

“Nick has delivered a Chet Faker track with decade-defining potential and we will deliver creatively with trademark BMG Australia innovation while ensuring that Nick owns his own masters and has complete creative control – once again demonstrating to Australia’s best artists that these concepts need not be mutually exclusive.”

Nick Murphy adopted the stage name Chet Faker almost ten years ago and has released much of his best-known music under the moniker.


In 2016, he announced plans to release music under his birth name, retiring his Faker persona. Between 2016 and 2020, he dropped two albums and an EP as Nick Murphy. The most recent of these releases, the instrumental record ‘Music for Silence’, hit shelves in March.