Nicky Wire’s brother shares touching postcard message from Neil Peart

The Manics bassist also paid tribute, calling him "the most complete drummer ever"

Manic Street Preachers bassist Nicky Wire has paid tribute to legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart, who died earlier this week (January 7), alongside a memory his brother Patrick shared of receiving a handwritten postcard from Peart.

Patrick Jones, a successful poet who has occasionally collaborated with the Manics over the years, posted an image of the postcard on Twitter today (January 11).

In the message, Peart explains that he had been contacted by Patrick and Nicky’s mother, apparently detailing the “hardships you both had to endure” to attend Rush’s live show in Bingley. “We shall miss you Mr Peart. Drummer. Writer. Human,” Jones captioned the tweet.


Nicky Wire shared the tweet with his own tribute to Peart, calling him “the most complete drummer ever” and praising Patrick for getting him into Rush as a teenager. See the post below.

Fans and musicians have been paying tribute to Peart since the news of his death emerged last night (January 10), including Public Enemy‘s Chuck D, Gene Simmons, and The Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson.

In a new statement shared on Foo Fighters‘ Instagram, Grohl called Peart “a kind, thoughtful, brilliant man.”

“Today, the world lost a true giant in the history of rock and roll,” he said. “An inspiration to millions with an unmistakable sound who spawned generations of musicians – like myself – to pick up two sticks and chase a dream. A kind, thoughtful, brilliant man who ruled our radios and turntables not only with his drumming, but also his beautiful words.”


He added: “I still vividly remember my first listen of ‘2112’ when I was young. It was the first time I really listened to a drummer. And since that day, music has never been the same. His power, precision, and composition was incomparable. He was called ‘The Professor’ for a reason: We all learned from him.”

Last month (December 9) Manic Street Preachers hinted they will re-release their 1993 album ‘Gold Against The Soul’, after posting a photo of two CDs marked with the word “remastered” and stamped with the date of December 5, 2019.