Watch Nine Inch Nails get inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020

"This journey’s far from over if I have any say in it," said Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a two-hour broadcast on HBO overnight.

The band were given an induction speech from Iggy Pop, who compared them to Bob Dylan, Nirvana, George Clinton and French writer Michel Houellebecq. Other artists who lined up to praise Nine Inch Nails included St. Vincent, Miley Cyrus and Saul Williams.

In his acceptance speech, bandleader Trent Reznor thanked Iggy, his fellow inducted group members and their fans for their continued support over the years.


“Even now, music’s always been the thing that keeps me going, and, as an artist, I think the most significant accomplishment or feeling is realising something you’ve created from a fragile and intimate place has reached out, resonated and affected someone else, possibly changing how they see the world. So as to whatever being in a hall of fame means, thank you for the recognition,” he said.

“For the Nine Inch Nails fans out there, you guys are the best. We’ve wound up in some weird places together, and you’re an intense bunch that can drive me out of my mind, but you’re the best.

“This journey’s far from over if I have any say in it, so let’s stop fucking around patting ourselves on the back and get to it. Hope to see you all in the flesh soon.”

Last week, Nine Inch Nails classics were covered by St Vincent, Dave Grohl and Jehnny Beth to mark the band’s induction into the Hall Of Fame.

NIN also recently launched their own range of protective face coverings, and have been working on new material in lockdown. Earlier this year, Nine Inch Nails surprised fans by releasing two brand new albums online, to help them feel “a little less alone” as the world battles the coronavirus crisis.


In a four-star review of ‘Ghosts: V-VI’ NME described the record as “music for daydreams,” adding: “But it’s only fair and decent for us to let you know that it’s also music for nightmares too.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was postponed back in March due to the pandemic. Other artists that were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year included Whitney Houston, The Notorious B.I.G., Depeche Mode, T Rex, and The Doobie Brothers.


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