Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Quake’ soundtrack released on vinyl for first time

A 'Definitive Edition' of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' OST for 'The Social Network' is also available

Nine Inch Nails‘ soundtrack for the ’90s video game Quake is being released on vinyl for the very first time.

The instrumental collection was previously only available through the CD-ROM of the first-person shooter title, which arrived back in 1996. It will now receive its first standalone release and has been credited exclusively to NIN.

Fans will be able to hear the remastered soundtrack on a double, 180-gram vinyl LP. You can order it here.


In addition, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ score for 2010’s The Social Network has also been given a vinyl reissue under the title ‘2020 Definitive Edition’. The OST bagged the Best Original Score at the 2011 Oscars.

‘Quake’ vinyl

‘The Social Network’ OST vinyl

Check out the tracklists for both releases below:

Quake 2xLP Tracklist:
Side A
1. Quake Theme
2. Aftermath
3. The Hall of Souls

Side B
1. It Is Raped
2. Parallel Dimensions
3. Life


Side C
1. Damnation
2. Focus
3. Falling
4. The Reaction

The Social Network (Definitive Edition) 2xLP Tracklist:
Side A
1. Hand Covers Bruise
2. In Motion
3. A Familiar Taste
4. It Catches Up With You
5. Intriguing Possibilities

Side B
1. Painted Sun in Abstract
2. 3:14 Every Night
3. Pieces Form the Whole
4. Carbon Prevails
5. Eventually We Find Our Way

Side C
1. Penetration
2. In the Hall of the Mountain King
3. On We March
4. Magnetic

Side D
1. Almost Home
2. Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise
3. Complication With Optimistic Outcome
4. The Gentle Hum of Anxiety
5. Soft Trees Break the Fall

Meanwhile, Reznor and Ross are nominated for two Emmys this year for their Watchmen soundtrack: Original Dramatic Score For A Limited Series and Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics (‘The Way it Used to Be’).

Back in May, Reznor revealed that he’d been working on new Nine Inch Nails material during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown, and said he hoped to get back out on the road next year.

“The current plan is to finish up some scoring projects, work on my limited patience skills, deep dive into new NIN material, and hopefully be playing live for you in 2021,” he said