Melbourne punk band NOCON release debut single ‘AGAG’

The new project from These New South Whales' Jamie Timony

Melbourne punk band NOCON have released their debut single.

The band, featuring These New South Whales frontman Jamie Timony and Jake O’Brien, debuted ‘AGAG’ last week (April 24).

Listen to it below:


‘AGAG,’ short for ‘Any Goal’s a Gaol,’ is reportedly inspired by the work of Death Grips and The Garden.

The band’s name, in turn, comes from an episode of sitcom ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ In the episode, Jerry Seinfeld calls Larry David a “nocon,” claiming it to be the opposite of an icon.

In a statement, Timony explained that ‘AGAG’ “speaks to the idea of striving towards goals and questioning the value of things we regard as important.”

According to the band’s press, the single came about during a jam session at Jake O’Brien’s house. Both band members shared vocal duties from the get-go, with Timony on guitar and O’Brien on bass.


The track was mixed and mastered by Jonathan Boulet, best known as a member of Sydney noise-rock duo, Party Dozen. James Neumann designed the single’s cover art.

On Instagram, NOCON described the single’s cover as depicting “A kiss between friends at the stroke of midnight on NYE 2020.”

The band have also been announced as the latest signing to Dinosaur City Records, the independent Sydney label run by Big White’s Cody Munro Moore.