NOCON share eerie new single ‘Back of the Truck’

Mixed by Jonathan Boulet

NOCON, the new project of These New South Whales frontman Jamie Timony and Jake O’Brien, have shared their third single of the year, ‘Back of the Truck’.

The track features Damon Albarn-like megaphone vocals from Timony, grimy guitars and a  sludgy ’90s rave energy. Melbourne electronic artist Purient contributes a custom “beep” sample to the chorus.

In a press statement, Timony explained the genesis of the Jonathan Boulet-mixed track as part of an unusual car ride.


“I remember the first time I ever got stoned in the back of my friend’s Jeep while we were driving down a country highway, I was trying to speak to my friends who were in the front and they couldn’t hear me over the music,” he said.

“It was a strangely harrowing experience. I started thinking my blood was made of Sprite and basketballs and it was all downhill from there. I think we captured a bit of that energy in this track.”

Listen to the track below.

It follows the duo’s debut singles, ‘HOAX’ and ‘AGAG’, released earlier this year.


Timony and O’Brien first debuted the NOCON project back in April. The band’s name came from an episode of HBO sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm. In the episode, Jerry Seinfeld calls Larry David a “nocon,” claiming it to be the opposite of an icon.