Nooky gets relentlessly real in new single ‘Run Dingo’

Announces the launch of First Nations youth empowerment platform, We Are Warriors

Nooky marks January 26 with the release of a powerful and honest new single, ‘Run Dingo’, and the launch of a new First Nations empowerment platform, We Are Warriors.

‘Run Dingo’ has been purposefully released by Nooky to coincide with Invasion Day (also called Survival Day or Australia Day). In a press statement, the Yuin rapper and triple j host said of the track’s concept: “[It] came about last Invasion Day when I was sitting at home with my daughter. I was thinking about the prejudice and racism I experienced as a child growing up here in Australia and how my daughter was inevitably going to experience those things too.

“Invasion Day is a draining day for us and I started laying down how I was feeling sitting there with my daughter reflecting on my childhood.”


Nooky goes on to explain how he had heard a song, ‘Run Dingo Run’, by Black Allen Barker, whose lyrics talk of dingo cullings and there being “a price on a dingos head, drawing a comparison with blackfullas”.

“Like Allen, I feel there’s a price on our heads too,” said Nooky, “especially when being vocal about certain issues and topics…. and that’s how ‘Run Dingo’ was born.”

The accompanying official music video sees Nooky put his young daughter to bed, lamenting at her side the realities of her future in a confusing and often hostile society. Shots of Nooky at a desk, in a noose and in chains are also portrayed, interjected with clips of Nooky’s collaborator, rapper and producer I.AmSolo.

Watch the ‘Run Dingo’ video below”

As well as the new single, Nooky has also launched a new platform, We Are Warriors, that aims to uplift and empower First Nations youth by shining a spotlight on successful role models.


Nooky said of the endeavour: “After experiencing racism as a kid, my Mum spoke to me three of the most powerful words I have ever heard – We Are Warriors.

“This journey has led me to launch a platform to highlight prolific Indigenous excellence across music, fashion, sports and everything in between; a celebration of Blak excellence to empower young people in our community.

“We deserve to be recognised, we deserve to be heard and we deserve to be celebrated. As people. As role models. As warriors.”

Some of the first role models to be featured on the We Are Warriors platform include Barkaa, Kobie Dee, Charlee Fraser, Felicia Foxx and Luke Currie-Richardson (Bala Luke). Inspiring interviews with these six Indigenous trailblazers are available to view here.

We Are Warriors’ forthcoming content series includes community-run workshops, a clothing line (with all proceeds reinvested into further content development) and “an overarching roadmap to build empathy among everyday Australians”.

Nooky’s second EP, ‘Lyrebird Park’, dropped on November 26 and saw the artist collaborate with a number of producers including I.AmSolo, R.F.P. and Mansus.

The release featured the singles ‘Talk Shit Get Split’, ‘Always Was Always Will Be’, ‘Mungo’ and ‘Ere Lah’ among others.