Northlane announce new streaming event ‘Live At The Roundhouse’

With footage taken from their seminal Sydney performance last year

Sydney metalcore band Northlane have announced a new streaming event with footage taken from their 2019 tour, titled ‘Live At The Roundhouse’.

The event will run on August 21 and August 22, showcasing the band’s performance at the iconic Sydney venue last year. The concert, which took place in October, marked the first and biggest show of the band’s tour in support of their latest album ‘Alien’.


Shot with 14 cameras, the band note that the performance is seminal for them, with particular note to vocalist Marcus Bridge who performed songs written about his childhood for the first time. One of those songs – ‘Sleepless’ – was played at the concert, with the band noting in a press release that they’ll never play it live again.

“One of the most incredible, moving moments we’ve ever had on stage for me was when we played ‘Sleepless’ for the first time at our show at the Roundhouse,” said Northlane guitarist Josh Smith in a press statement.

“Knowing what events had transpired not too long before that, and what the song was about, I could tell Marcus was struggling when I got up there.

“By the time the song had finished he was in tears and he just soldiered on though the rest of the encore like nothing was wrong at all. I could tell on the inside he was just bleeding out. It was one of the bravest moments I’ve ever witnessed.”

‘Live At The Roundhouse’ is a pay-per-view event, kicking off at 8pm AEST on both August 21 and 22. You can buy access now via the band’s official website.


The event also marks the first output from the band since the release of their ‘raw and uncensored’ documentary, ‘Negative Energy’, which dropped in March.

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