Northlane take aim at predatory artists on venomous new single ‘Carbonized’

The band also set a new release date for their upcoming ‘Obsidian’ album

Northlane have shared an explosive new single, ‘Carbonized’, addressing the insidious culture that gives certain artists a pass for abhorrent actions on the basis that their content justifies it.

It carries a fittingly volatile soundscape – bassy, synth-accented wallops and thrashing drums twined tightly with frontman Marcus Bridge’s impassioned vocals, which ebb and flow between enchanting melodies and a grisly, guttural scream. In a notable passage of the song, he belts: “I looked up to you / But you looked down on them / Predatory through and through / And you call yourself a man?” 

The track arrived overnight (March 23) with a striking video helmed by Third Eye Visuals, flickering between shots of Northlane playing a house party and Bridge screaming his lines in the rain. Take a look at it below:


As Bridge expounded in a press release, touching on the new song’s poignant themes: “We need to start holding predators and abusers accountable for the awful things they have done. Time and time again, the phrase ‘separate the artist from the art’ is used to discount and deflect the damage these people (often men in a position of power) have inflicted on those around them.

“Whether it’s manipulating minors or putting a hit out on your wife, it shocks me that fans will forget all about it because their latest track is really heavy. Stand with the victims, not the artists continuing their careers as if nothing ever happened. This song is a reminder.”

‘Carbonized’ marks the fourth single shared from Northlane’s upcoming sixth album, ‘Obsidian’, following ‘Clockwork’, ‘Echo Chamber’ and ‘Plenty’. The album was originally set for release next Friday (April 1), however the band announced yesterday that it’s now been pushed back by three weeks, now landing on April 22. No reason was offered for the delay.

NME recently named ‘Obsidian’ as one of its most anticipated local releases of 2022, writing: “2019’s ‘Alien’ took Northlane to new heights, blending rave-primed house music with bold and brutish metalcore. Never ones to rest on their laurels, however, the Sydney band have pushed the limits even further with ‘Obsidian’.

“The electronic slant is more pronounced, with richer, more intense passages of bass-inflected techno, while all the fierce riffs, punishing breakdowns and skull-rattling blastbeats that Northlane are revered for get amped up to 100.”


Fans will be able to hear tracks from ‘Obsidian’ live when Northlane embark on a seven-date national tour in June (preceded by one-off shows in Albury this Saturday, January 29, and Maroochydore on Sunday April 24). With support from Plini and Alt, the band will hit stages in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Tickets for the full run are available from Northlane’s website.