NSW Health apologises to Delta Goodrem for “error in judgement” over social post

Goodrem hit out at the government body after it posted a photo of her head with needles aimed toward it

Delta Goodrem has received a formal apology from NSW Health, after the government body erroneously used an image of her in an Instagram post about the efficacy of vaccines.

The post was made last Friday (December 17) as part of NSW Health’s “Fact Check Friday” initiative, wherein they answer punter-submitted questions about COVID-19 and vaccine safety. In an update to their Instagram Story, answering a question about how effective “the COVID-19 booster vax is compared to the COVID-19 vax”, NSW Health used an image of Goodrem’s head with two needles pointed towards it.

“The booster adds to your immunity definitely – possibly taking you up to similar protection against Omicron as two doses did against Delta,” the NSW Health spokesperson wrote in the post.


Goodrem took issue with the visual pun, sharing the post to her own Story with the caption: “I have a HUGE problem with this @newsouthwaleshealth are you serious???????? Needles pointing at a picture of my head in an attempt to get your point accross [sic] is disturbing!!!!!!”

A spokesperson for NSW Health has now apologised to Goodrem, affirming in a statement that the department was “attempting to convey an important public health message but recognises that it made an error of judgement and sincerely regrets the offence caused to Delta Goodrem.”

Goodrem is yet to respond publicly to the statement. Earlier this month, the singer-songwriter appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise program, making light of the unfortunate naming convention that linked her to the Delta strain of COVID-19.

“What a Christmas present that we get the Omicron strain and we can kiss goodbye to Delta,” host David Koch quipped during her appearance. Goodrem replied that although she was “not glad” to see the pandemic rage on, she was keen to “move on” from the mass panic surrounding the Delta strain.

“I don’t want to hear about this terrible Delta,” she chuckled. “Get rid of her, get rid of her. I was here first!”


Last week, Goodrem linked up with The Teskey Brothers frontman Josh for an appearance on the season three finale of The Sound, performing a cover of the INXS track ‘Never Tear Us Apart’. It marked Goodrem’s first appearance on the show, and Teskey’s fourth.