Ocean Alley, Gang Of Youths and more Australian artists share 2022 Spotify Wrapped stats

Alex Lahey, Thelma Plum and Cub Sport also shared data around their 2022 audience

Ocean Alley, Gang Of Youths and Cub Sport are among the host of Australian artists who have shared their 2022 Spotify Wrapped statistics.

Earlier today (December 1), Spotify released its annual report of data on users’ most-streamed songs and artists of the year, with The Kid LAROI and The Wiggles emerging as the most listened-to domestic acts of 2022. Now, artists themselves have taken to social media to share their own listening habits, as well as their personal Spotify Wrapped lists.

The Wiggles – this year’s second-most-streamed Australian act – offered closer insight into their audience metrics on Instagram, thanking the 5.9million listeners who’d contributed to the band’s 200million streams across 2022. Meanwhile, the data for Masked Wolf — who was among Australia’s most listened-to acts on Spotify last year — revealed a 45million-strong listener base across more than 183 countries.


Elsewhere, Ocean Alley revealed that they’d amassed 85million streams in 2022, while Beddy Rays brought in more than 600,000 listeners. “Cheers to all of ya for spamming [‘Beddy Rays’]”, the band wrote in their own Instagram post. Cub Sport likewise took to Instagram to thank their audience, which this year spanned 5.2million Spotify users across 182 countries.


Tasman Kieth amassed 1.4million streams in 2022, the bulk of which can be attributed to his debut album ‘A Colour Undone’, released in July. Likewise coming off the back of a 2022 debut, King Stingray racked up 5.5million streams, accounting for over 300,000 hours of listening among fans. Meanwhile, Hayden James reflected on his 14.4million streams, writing on Instagram that it’s “always crazy to see [these results].”

A slew of additional artists shared their results in Instagram Stories. Electronic trio PNAU – whose remix of Elton John and Dua Lipa’s ‘Cold Heart’ was the second-most-listened-to local song this year – revealed that they’d garnered just shy of 100million listeners in 2022. Gang Of Youths’ 2022 album ‘Angel In Realtime’ no-doubt contributed to their own success, with the band writing that they’re “continually grateful” for their 7.7million-strong audience.

Alice Ivy and Thelma Plum each raked in over one million listeners this year, earning a respective 5.7million and 22million streams. Meanwhile, some 600,000 of Alex The Astronaut’s listeners streamed her music for over 240,000 hours. Both Plum and Alex The Astronaut also shared their personal Spotify Wrapped results, with the former revealing that her top song of 2022 was ‘Fire’ by Waxahatchee.

Alex The Astronaut’s own list was populated entirely by Harry Styles, with his single ‘As It Was’ taking the top spot. What So Not’s most streamed song this year was Primus’ ‘Jerry Was A Race Car Driver’, while Alex Lahey’s top artist was Turnstile.

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