Oh Mercy changes name to Perfect Moment, new music coming

He'd played as Oh Mercy for nearly 15 years

Oh Mercy — the musical project of Alexander Gow — has changed their name to Perfect Moment with the promise of new music “soon enough”.

Gow announced the change via Facebook today (April 18).

“I’m doing this because I want to give myself, and all of you an opportunity to hear this new music, rather than being buried in a Facebook graveyard somewhere on the edge of digital town,” Gow wrote.


After realising he could only change the name of his public page one word at a time, Gow produced the accidental transitional moniker “Oh Mercy Perfect”.

“If you’ve received a notification that I’ve changed the Oh Mercy page name, well, you’ll be receiving another couple of those over the next week or so. That’s because, unbelievably, Facebook only allows a name change ONE WORD AT A TIME. Wild. Thanks for your ongoing support and patience over this awkward digital experience,” he said.

Gow has also changed his artist page’s cover photo to what appears to be new cover art, with the text “Time & Date NY” circled by “Perfect Moment”. The rest of the content on his Facebook has been removed.

On Gow’s new Instagram for the project, he shared a photo of him apparently making music with Johnny Took from DMA’s last month.


Gow last released music as Oh Mercy in 2018, with ‘Cafe Oblivion’. He had been playing with the group for nearly fifteen years. It is unclear whether members Eliza Lam, Rohan Sforcina and Simon Okely will be involved in Perfect Moment.


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