OneFour drop latest instalment of ‘Street Guide’ series, ‘Breaks & Caddy’s’

"We don't have answers, we can only share experiences," the music video declares

Western Sydney drill favourites OneFour have delivered fans the newest instalment of their ‘Street Guide’ series, new single ‘Breaks & Caddy’s’.

‘Breaks & Caddy’s’ is the second song released as part of the series, as well as the second the collective have released thus far this year.

The song features contributions from fellow rapper CG, as well as production from frequent collaborators Willstah and I.amsolo.


A music video for ‘Breaks & Caddy’s’ dropped today at 4pm. The clip, which was directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos and Matt Wilson, opens with a solemn preface: “We’re not trying to be your role models. We’re telling you that these streets don’t show mercy…

“We don’t have answers, we can only share experiences. Think your actions through carefully. When all is said and done, the day will come when you will have to answer for them.”

See the video below:

‘Breaks & Caddy’s’ follows on from ‘Street Guide (Part 01)’ which dropped earlier this year. In a press release shared with the song, the three-part series is described as “[exploring] the idea that there is ‘Honour Among Thieves’, the belief that even society’s most hardened criminals live their life by a code of conduct”.

Last year, OneFour – recently named as members of the NME 100 – delivered their latest EP ‘Against All Odds’, which ranked as one of NME‘s best Australian albums of 2020.


In a review of the EPNME‘s Dhruva Balram wrote, “‘Against All Odds’ is a potent reminder of OneFour’s boundless talent.

“OneFour’s art is a reflection of their reality, and as long as they keep making music and delivering on their massive talent, it’s safe to say that further success will follow.”