ONEFOUR release video for new song ‘Say It Again’ featuring A$AP Ferg

J Emz and Spenny tell NME about the whirlwind collaboration

Today (May 6), ONEFOUR have released ‘Say It Again’, a brand-new collaboration with New York’s own A$AP Ferg.

The track, which comes three months after their last release ‘Welcome To Prison’, was produced by UK drill producer Gotcha and longtime ONEFOUR collaborator i.amsolo. Both the song and video came together in a whirlwind 24 hours, while Ferg was in Australia on tour earlier this year.

Watch the accompanying music video, which was shot on location in Chinatown and ONEFOUR’s own stomping grounds of Mount Druitt, here:


ONEFOUR got in touch with Ferg thanks to triple j’s Hau Latukefu, who’d discussed the group briefly with Ferg in a radio interview.

“Ferg expressed that he was keen to meet with us as he had seen some of our videos so Hau made the introductions,” ONEFOUR’s J Emz and Spenny told NME Australia. “Later that night Ferg linked with us at our studio where we shared some music and just chopped it up.”

J Emz and Spenny described ‘Say It Again’ as “a song about remaining defiant when the odds are against you”. Ferg, whom they praised as “such an observant person [who] sees and hears all the details”, “picked up on the small cues and put his own style of energy on the track”.

ONEFOUR A$AP Ferg Say It Again
ONEFOUR’s J Emz and Spenny with A$AP Ferg. Credit: Instagram @visualsbyrazak

“He has a real hard work ethic, he doesn’t waste any time,” they added. “Right after finishing his verse he asked if it was possible to shoot the video in Mt. Druitt where the boys are from. He was curious to see what West Sydney was about and went out of his way to do whatever was needed for the song.


“The experience with Ferg left us with a huge amount of respect for him as an artist and person as not every artist will make that kind of effort.”

Last year, three members of ONEFOUR were jailed over charges stemming from a 2018 altercation in Rooty Hill. “Losing Lekks, Celly and YP to jail is still heartbreaking,” J Emz and Spenny told NME Australia. “But we know that we have to stay focused on this opportunity. There’s no turning back.”

“We traveled to Nowra earlier in the year and saw the devastation of the bushfires firsthand. There are thousands of people globally who lost their lives or a loved one from the virus. I think on the whole we’re very grateful to have our health, our fans who ride so hard for us and our team that enable us to be at our most creative.”

ONEFOUR acknowledge that their 2020 looks unpredictable due to the pandemic: “2020 has a mind of its own right now, we know that we’re not completely in control of what happens this year. We just have to pivot.”

Nevertheless, the group’s upcoming plans include “a lot of music, a documentary, a line of merch [and] a few more collabs”.

“We still have a lot of things for our fans to look forward to,” J Emz and Spenny promised.

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