ONEUS’ Seoho shares touching rendition of ‘Epiphany’ by BTS’ Jin

The latest in a series of covers by ONEUS members

ONEUS‘ main vocalist, Seoho, has shared his cover of ‘Epiphany’, originally a solo track by on BTS member Jin.

Seoho’s touching rendition of the song is part of the boyband’s US RECORD series, where various members of the group upload covers of their favourite songs onto YouTube. For the cover, the singer performed the song from a bright, minimalist room as he passionately serenades viewers, encapsulating the strong emotion of the song.

I’m the one I should love in this world / Shining me, precious soul of mine / I finally realized so I love me / Not so perfect but so beautiful / I’m the one I should love,” he croons.


The original version of ‘Epiphany’ released by Jin in 2018 as part of the group’s ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ compilation album. The record also featured solo songs by the rest of BTS, as well as the single ‘Idol’.

ONEUS made their second domestic comeback of 2021 last month with their fifth mini-album ‘Binary Code’, following their 2020 single ‘Bbusyeo’. The title track of the project was, ‘Black Mirror’, was co-written by frequent MAMAMOO collaborators Kim Do-hoon and Lee Sang-ho, along with ONEUS member Ravn.

ONEUS made their debut in 2019 with their first mini-album, ‘Light Us’. The group were formed through the South Korean agency RBW Entertainment, which is also home to acts like MAMAMOOPURPLE KISS and more.

RBW Entertainment also recently became the biggest shareholder of WM Entertainment by acquiring 70 per cent of its shares. The latter is the home of groups such as Oh My Girl, B1A4 and ONF, as well as singer Lee Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE.


Kim Jinwoo, CEO of RBW Entertainment, cited WM Entertainment’s “rapid” growth in the entertainment industry as well as its “capabilities in discover and training artists” as reasons for the purchase.

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