Oren Ambarchi quietly reissues out-of-print ‘Stacte.3’ on Bandcamp

As well as other archival albums

Australian ambient and experimental musician Oren Ambarchi has quietly reissued the out-of-print ‘Stacte.3’ LP on Bandcamp, alongside other archival albums this week. Listen to them below:

Ambarchi has not shared news of the reissues on his social media, but the uploads of ‘Stacte. 3’, ‘Triste’ and his collaboration with Johan Berthling ‘Tongue Tied’ all appeared on an “official” archival Bandcamp from the artist on April 7. NME Australia has reached out to confirm the reason for this release, and will update this article if and when we receive a response.


‘Stacte.3’ is the most significant of the three reissues, previously receiving a limited vinyl-only release in 2000 on Plate Lunch/Jerker Productions and a CD reissue on CD via Black Truffle in 2008. It is not available on wider streaming services.

‘Stacte.3’ was the third of five installments in Ambarchi’s Stacte LP series, which began in 1988. The first two were self released. ‘Stacte 2’ exists here. A press statement attached to the release says the Stacte series featured Ambarchi’s “earliest explorations of the guitar and its sonic possibilities after a period known as a drummer in post-punk, noise and free jazz outfits”.

Ambarchi released his most recent full length studio album ‘Simian Angel’ in 2019. Last month, he contributed a song from his collaboration with Will Guthrie to ‘THANKING YOU’, a compilation from Ambarchi’s own label Black Truffle and Mould Museum.