Over half of creative and live entertainment businesses to shut when JobKeeper runs out, survey finds

Grim statistics from a new survey conducted by I Lost My Gig Australia

Over half (53 per cent) of businesses in the creative and live entertainment industries will close when the JobKeeper payment runs out on March 31, a new survey from I Lost My Gig Australia says.

The survey asked 1,556 respondents from the industries about their futures after the payment ends. Two thirds (66 per cent) of creative gig economy workers said they would be out of work; the same number of people said they had not received any targeted industry support other than JobKeeper or JobSeeker payments.

Only two per cent of respondents said they had accessed any of the Federal Government’s dedicated RISE funding, from their $250million arts stimulus package. Nearly 55 per cent of respondents said they were considering or had considered changing industries. This echoes a figure published in a report on the Victorian music industry on Monday (February 15), which said 58 per cent of those surveyed had considered leaving the industry.


Read the full summary of the I Lost My Gig survey here.

The survey comes in the wake of an open letter sent to the Federal Government yesterday (February 17), signed by Paul KellyCourtney Barnett, and thousands more, calling for an extension to JobKeeper or an industry-specific wage subsidy for those who work in the music and live event industries.

“Each time there is another COVID-19 cluster or a quarantine breach, any plans to trade again are halted. Musicians, sole traders, venues, clubs, festivals, music businesses and the industry remain out of work. Billions of dollars for hospitality and tourism generated from Australian music remains stifled,” the open letter reads.

“Since March last year there has not been a single national tour undertaken by an Australian artist and there has not been a single festival run at full capacity. The music and live entertainment industry remains in lockdown.

“A restart can’t happen while borders remain closed and audience capacity limits are in place,” it adds.


“Extending JobKeeper, or providing an industry specific wage subsidy package, will keep the show on the road.”