Owl Eyes releases new single and music video, ‘Tokyo’

Brooke Addamo's newest EP comes out in May

Alt-pop singer Owl Eyes – real name Brooke Addamo – has released a new single and music video, ‘Tokyo’, ahead of her forthcoming EP.

‘Tokyo’ was written after Addamo experienced a relationship breakdown and the heartache that followed. The track premiered on triple j’s Good Nights yesterday (March 31). The accompanying clip, directed by Daniel Lazoff, features Addamo strolling through Tokyo which she visited earlier this year to perform at Japan’s Snow Machine music festival, alongside a handful of headline shows. Watch the music video for ‘Tokyo’ below:


‘Tokyo’ is one of six tracks that will make up Owl Eyes’ forthcoming EP, ‘Invisible Woman’. The EP also comprises previously released tracks ‘You Don’t Know Love’ (featuring New York-based artist TAPZ), ‘You And I’ and ‘On Me’. ‘Invisible Woman’ is set for release on May 29 via Mushroom.

In the face of the current coronavirus pandemic and a worldwide call to stay indoors, Owl Eyes hopes the upbeat tracks can lift the spirits of listeners.

“While it feels incredibly weird to be releasing music at a time like this, I’m excited to be putting these songs into the world,” Addamo said in a statement.

“They were made in a different time, but hopefully people find what they need in them right now.”

‘Invisible Woman’ was written between Australia and Europe while Addamo was taking a break from music after a hectic touring schedule. Tracks on the new EP have been produced by Belgian producer DJ Vito de Luca and mixed by Geoff Swan.