P1Harmony reveal collaboration with Pink Sweat$ was “spontaneous”

The boyband also described the American R&B singer as "such a genius" in the studio

K-pop boyband P1Harmony have offered their insights on their recent collaboration with American singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$.

P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$ recently teamed up on ‘Gotta Get Back’, which was composed by the latter, alongside lyrics by P1Harmony members Intak and Jongseob. The collaboration had come just three months after the boyband covered Pink Sweat$’s 2021 single ‘At My Worst’.

During their appearance on The Zach Sang Show, the group revealed that Pink Sweat$ had expressed his gratitude to the group for their cover of ‘At My Worst’ on Twitter and later came to see the group on the New York leg of their United States tour.


“He came to our tour in New York, and we [said] ‘Hi, how’s it going? Thank you for watching our video’, and ‘I love your music’ and then ‘How about we make something that weekend?’” member Jiung said of the singer’s visit to their tour.

Keeho went on to share that Pink Sweat$ took charge of the vocal direction for the collaborative track. “He’s such a genius. He did the directing, so we’d get in the studio and he’d tell us, ‘Maybe sing it like this, maybe sing it like that’, and he’d sing it back to us and I’m like, ‘Whoa. This is not fair, the way you’re singing right now.’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Keeho revealed that Pink Sweat$ had pitched several songs he’d composed beforehand to the group. “It was very spontaneous, this collaboration. It wasn’t like a long [process], because we met him on tour,” the singer explained.

“We couldn’t do it with a lot of time, so we just went in the studio and he said ‘I have some songs I think you guys would sound great on’ and we just went from there.”

“He’s just a really amazing guy and we still keep in touch with him very often,” Keeho enthused. “He’s coming to Korea for [the Seoul Jazz Festival] so we hope to see him when he comes to Korea.”


‘Gotta Get Back’ marked the P1Harmony’s first music release since they released the English version of ‘Do It Like This’ in March. The original Korean version of the track had been released in January as part of the group’s third mini-album ‘Disharmony: Find Out’.