Papa Roach say they won’t tour or record new album until 2022: “We’re just gonna wait it out”

"The touring is not coming back for the rest of this year"

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix has revealed that the band are holding off on releasing their next album until the Covid-19 pandemic eventually subsides.

In a new interview with Germany’s Rock Antenne radio, he said: “The touring is not coming back for the rest of this year. I mean, there’ll be some pop-up shows here and there, but we’re not gonna drop a new album and tour until 2022. We’re just gonna wait it out.”

Shaddix also revealed that the band have been focusing on new material during lockdown, having written around 14 tracks for the follow-up to 2019 album ‘Who Do You Trust’.


“Now that we’re at this point in the process, it’s February, and I’m, like, ‘Okay. Maybe we’ll just go record another record. So then it’s, like, when we come out, we’ll have just a ton of music to drop and just be lined up to rip it for a while,” he said.

“Because the creative process is integral to all of our sanity. My bass player, Tobin [Esperance], he writes one or two songs a day — he just rips ’em out, churns ’em out. And I’ve got this little space right here that I’m in — this is my little spot where I’ll demo up ideas and stuff. It’s important for us to maintain some element of creativity so we feel like we have purpose.”

The update comes after Shaddix recently teamed up with TikTok star Jeris Johnson for a reloaded version of the band’s 2000 anthem ‘Last Resort’.

“It was amazing to hear that Jeris connected with the track the same way people all over the world have,” Shaddix said of the new version.

“That conversation of ‘Last Resort’ and its impact on all types of people hasn’t stopped for 20 years, and we were stoked to ‘Reload’ it for a new generation to keep that conversation going.”


Meanwhile, Shaddix, Tommy Lee and members of Five Finger Death Punch are set to star in new horror film The Retaliators.

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