Paramore’s Hayley Williams says seeing Billie Eilish navigate career is like “watching me”

"I felt like there was something inside of me that was watching me"

Hayley Williams has said that Billie Eilish reminds her of her younger self, that watching the pop star navigate her career is like “watching me”.

The soloist and Paramore singer drew parallels in a new interview between herself and Eilish due to both women starting their music careers as teenagers.

Williams told SiriusXM’s Alt Nation: “We’ve spoken throughout the years since she kind of came onto the scene. The first thing I experienced or I witnessed of her was ‘When the Party’s Over,’ that video. And then I watched an interview with her and I felt like there was something inside of me that was watching me – slash us – as teenagers doing interviews and navigating this world.”


Paramore released their debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ in 2005 when Williams was about 17 years old. Eilish’s own breakout happened at a similar age.

Williams added: “She does it on a level we’ve never experienced, but I just feel such a love towards her and her family and I think they’re so special.

“I went to their house for the first time at Thanksgiving last year, had some really great vegan cinnamon rolls, Maggie, her mom made. And I think that was kind of like – we had already connected, I had connected with her mom too, just about their organisation that they have.

“But ever since that Thanksgiving cinnamon roll treat, just, I mean…the rest is history. I feel like I would do anything for them.”

Williams and Eilish have also taken their friendship on stage. Earlier this year they teamed up at Coachella to perform ‘Misery Business’ and ‘Happier Than Ever’ together.


Meanwhile, earlier this month Paramore shared their new single ‘The News’ in the form of creepy horror video.

The song is the second from the band’s forthcoming album ‘This Is Why‘ (out February 10, 2023) and was teased recently with a clip showing Williams mailing a CD copy of ‘The News’ to a fan called ‘gwizzle’.

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