Paramore’s Hayley Williams reveals she wants to play shows with band Shame

"I’m so stoked to see what they do next. And I hope we get to play shows with them"

Paramore’s Hayley Williams has opened up about her love of Shame, saying she wants to play shows with them in the future.

Speaking in a new interview with The Guardian, Williams opened up about her love of the band’s music.

Williams said: “There’s a lot of really great punk music coming out of the UK that’s youthful and vibrant. I’m particularly excited about Shame, who have a new album [‘Food For Worms’] coming out this month.


“When you listen to them, you really enter into their world, their headspace, and I love that. Their last album, from 2021, was called ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ – my favourite song on that record is ‘Human, For A Minute’. I’m so stoked to see what they do next. And I hope we get to play shows with them.”

Shame CREDIT: Eddie Miles for NME

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Phoebe Bridgers has a hidden cameo on Shame’s upcoming third album ‘Food For Worms’.

The south London band spoke to NME for a Big Read cover story last month ahead of the release of the new record.

Speaking about the song ‘Adderall’, Shame revealed that the track features a special, secret appearance from their Dead Oceans labelmate Bridgers. “We thought the song had an American edge to it, and thought it would sound nice with a woman’s voice,” drummer Charlie Forbes said.

“By chance, she was recording in the same studio as us, and one day we did a trade where Josh went and did some tambourine on her new track, and she came in and did the vocal line on our track – which you can’t actually hear at all.”


Asked if the band had been able to hang out with the indie star since social distancing measures were lifted, he added: “We went to an afterparty at her mum’s house after we played in LA. There was an in-house tarot reader, sushi, vegan Mexican food and tequila cocktails.”

Check out the full Big Read cover interview with Shame here, where they also talk about the making of ‘Food For Worms’ with super-producer Mark ‘Flood’ Ellis, honing their work ethic, and breaking through writer’s block by returning to their old stomping ground of Brixton Windmill for a secret show of entirely new material.

‘Food For Worms’ is released on February 24. The band debuted new tracks from the record in November at a special launch gig on a boat in the River Thames, which NME described as the band’s “ideal setting: intimate, loud and chaotic”.

Meanwhile, Paramore recently revealed that they’re offering the chance for fans to hear their new album early at select indie record stores around the world ahead of its release. 

The band have teamed up with independent record stores in Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia to let fans hear ‘This Is Why’, which is out on February 10, before it is released. All of the events are free to attend.

“Head to one of the below indie record stores to join your local This Is Why Global Listening Event,” the band said. “Hear the new album before it’s released, come for exclusive giveaways, and pre-order This Is Why (out February 10) at your local store.”

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