Parcels release joyous new single ‘Comingback’

The band's second single for the year

Parcels have released their second track for the year, ‘Comingback’, along with an accompanying music video.

‘Comingback’ follows on from the band’s previous single, ‘Free’, which arrived last month. Following its release, Parcels shared a live performance of the track, filmed in the small Australian town of Silverton.

The song’s music video was directed by Oliver Rose, who has previously worked on several of the band’s clips as a director of photography. It sees the band members dancing and singing through part of the Australian outback.


Watch the video for ‘Comingback’ below:

In a statement, the band said ‘Comingback’ was one of the band’s earliest ideas following their last album, yet one of the last songs to be completed after being rewritten a number of times.

“When the time came to record it at La Frette, there was an arrangement worked out but no singing melody which we felt could match the furious energy of Toto and Pedro’s rhythms,” they said.

“Determined, it was written and rewritten many times, long after we finished everything else on the album, melodies and singers interchanged constantly.

“Eventually, Noah brought a new power to the verse as well as a message we could all relate to, and together we finished it the night before boarding the plane to Australia.”


The band’s last studio album was their self-titled debut in 2018. In a five-star review, NME described the record as “cheeky, timeless and devilishly catchy”. They’ve since released a new live album, and the EP ‘IknowhowIfeel’.

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