Road rage-fuelled parody of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ goes viral

"She could just pull over / Seriously, it's not that hard"

A new parody of Olivia Rodrigo’s smash hit ‘Drivers License’ has gone viral on TikTok.

The original song by Rodrigo, which was released on January 8, quickly went viral across the social media platform earlier this month, and remains at number one in the UK and US singles charts.

Offering up her own spin on the single, TikTok user @jaxwritessongs – who is a musician – incorporated the tune into a clip titled ‘Drivers License POV: The Guy Behind Her’. You can watch it below.


Taking on the role of a disgruntled driver, the singer delivers the lines: “Did she just get her driver’s license? / Cause I’ve been stuck behind her car / Driving three miles an hour / She could just pull over / Seriously, it’s not that hard“.


Driver’s License from the Dude Behind Her’s Perspective 🤬🤌🏽🚘 #driverslicense #fypシ #foryou #viral song by @livbedumb

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

Simmering with road rage, the character then sings that she’s late for work and is “about to snap“.

Oh God, now she’s crying / I wish she’d start driving / I have to pee / This is taking forever / Some people got places to be“, she adds from behind the wheel.

The video has so far registered over 5.5 million views on TikTok, where it’s been ‘liked’ by viewers 1.6 million times.

Speaking in a recent interview with NME, Olivia Rodrigo opened up on how the huge reaction to ‘Drivers License’ had surpassed her “wildest dreams”.


“I mean, that is just everything. All the recognition the song has got is beyond my wildest dreams,” she explained. “Taylor Swift – is my songwriting idol and I wouldn’t be half of the woman and a songwriter I am today without her – reached out and was so supportive of the song.”