Paul Bender of Hiatus Kaiyote shares new easy-listening project, The Sweet Enoughs

Available for today only

Paul Bender, best known for playing bass in Hiatus Kaiyote, has shared a new easy-listening project titled The Sweet Enoughs. They’ve released an album exclusively on Bandcamp for its 24 hour revenue waiver, entitled ‘Marshmallow’. It will only be available until 5pm AEST today — stream/purchase it below:

The Sweet Enoughs are a trio led by Bender, fellow Hiatus Kaiyote member Simon Mavin as well as Brisbane guitarist Lachlan Mitchell. Melbourne violinist Elle Shimada is also credited on one song. Hiatus Kaiyote shared the project on Facebook, referring to it as Bender’s “long lost easy listening project”.


“[It] feels like the entirely appropriate time to make this dreamlike record of soft warm breezes, mysterious birdcalls, starlit pools in which lovers swim, a castaways hermitage transcribed on palm fronds and sent in a bottle across the distant waves to your golden shores,” they wrote.

‘Marshmallow’ is “presented by Yannis Dreamlake”, a mysterious artist credited to a number of Melbourne music projects, including Coda Chroma, under a pseudonym. Dreamlake is credited with no less than the album’s concept, engineering, mixing and mastering. Dreamlake is also more jokingly credited with Executive Production, Creative Direction, Consulting, Styling, Choreography, Spiritual Advising, Divination and Marketing.

The Sweet Enoughs also thanked Dreamlake themselves in a winking quote in the album bio.

“Paul, Simon and Lachlan would like to give a special thanks to Yannis Dreamlake for his guidance, wisdom, humility, courage, vision, foresight and patience. It’s been a true privilege! Thinking of you wherever you are in the world this time!” they wrote.

A full tracklist for ‘Marshmallow’ is below.

The tracklist of The Sweet Enoughs’ ‘Marshmallow’ is:


01. Dream Puppy
02. Shark Butt
03. Cabin Days
04. In Mind
05. Truman
06. Lena’s Song
07. Mysterious River Snake
08. Cerberus
09. Weekend At Brian’s
10. Marshmallow