Paul Kelly and Paul Grabowsky release collaborative album ‘Please Leave Your Light On’

The album sees Kelly performing his songs with new piano interpretations from Grabowsky

Paul Kelly has released a new collaborative album with pianist Paul Grabowsky.

The album launched ahead of the release of a live video of ‘Sonnet 138’, directed by Andrew Doherty. Watch it below:


Per a press release, Grabowsky said Kelly was “driven by a similar impulse to my own”, referring to their “ongoing fascination with music in its many forms”.

“All of the songs were already part of Paul [Kelly]’s extensive catalogue,” Grabowsky said in a statement.

“I transcribed them, and adapted them for the piano/voice combination. In addition, I threw in a ballad by Cole Porter called ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’, which Paul delivers in an understated, sensitive way. The album has a classic ‘fireside’ feel…and shine a light on lyrical moments from the Kelly oeuvre.”

Kelly similarly praised Grabowsky, explaining that the pianist “always surprises me”.

“He’s endlessly fertile, turning my songs inside out and upside down (to quote Diana Ross) and finding things in them I didn’t know were there,” Kelly said.

“And that makes me sing them differently. Singing with Paul is like walking a tightrope. It’s as if we are acrobats together. We have to pay serious attention to one another to pull the songs off. I like that.”


‘Please Leave Your Light On’ is out now on all streaming platforms.