Paul Kelly, Julia Stone, Kee’ahn announced for anti-racism concert ‘Uprising: Songs of Resistance’

Coordinated by the Festival of Jewish Arts and Music and the Museum of Inherited Memories

Paul Kelly, Julia Stone, Kee’ahn and a number of other artists have been announced for Uprising: Songs of Resistance, a concert honouring anti-racism and Holocaust remembrance.

The concert will be held at St Kilda’s Memo Music Hall on Thursday April 8, at the close of Yom Hashoah, otherwise known as Holocaust Remembrance and Heroism Day. The show will also feature stories and songs from Djirri Djirri Dancers, Deborah Conway, Harry Angus, Paul Grabowsky, Jess Hitchcock and Maria Tumarkin, among others.

Uprising is part of the Festival of Jewish Arts and Music’s (FOJAM) program and conceived by The Museum of Inherited Memories. The full FOJAM program for 2021 is yet to be revealed.


In a statement, the museum’s Sian Darling said the concerts aims to “ask artists to perform as resistance against racism, antisemitism and forms of bigotry”.

“Activism often demands empathy as the catalyst for such demanding work. What better way to inspire empathy than through stories? What easier way to explore such painful subjects than through song?” Darling said.

“I’ve found myself in conversations about human rights where the rights of Jewish people in the face of antisemitism seem off the agenda. I want all people who object to bigotry to resist together, leaving no people behind.”

The show will also be broadcast live and made available online for 72 hours after the event. Tickets are on sale now.