Peach PRC gets in the Christmas spirit with buzzy new single ‘I’ve Been Bad, Santa’

She also previewed her forthcoming single ‘Heavy’

Adelaide pop artist Peach PRC (aka Shaylee Curnow) now has at least one thing in common with Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé, having dropped a Christmas-themed two-track titled ‘I’ve Been Bad, Santa’.

A surprise release on Friday (October 22), the lead song sees Curnow step away from her jaunty bubblegum pop roots, slowing down the tempo and singing soulfully over a bed of deep, warbly sub bass, shimmery xylophones and a sharp, propulsive 808 beat. The track also utilises heavily stacked vocal harmonies to add a notable brightness.

Have a listen to ‘I’ve Been Bad, Santa’ below:


As for the single’s B-side, ‘Christmas Kinda Sucks’, fans can expect more of the energetic indie-pop that earned Curnow her breakout earlier in the year. The track is driven by hazy, effects-drenched guitars and thumping synth bass, with Curnow’s autotune-flourished vocals soaring over the mix.

As its title implies, ‘Christmas Kinda Sucks’ eschews the typically nostalgic and romantic fare associated with Christmas music, as Curnow sings: “This tree looks kinda high, then again so do I / Can’t smoke up a mistletoe, but damn I tried / I hate this winter theme, it’s 38 degrees / A bump’s the only snow I’ll ever see.”

Check out ‘Christmas Kinda Sucks’ below:

‘I’ve Been Bad, Santa’ comes as Curnow’s fifth Peach PRC release for 2021, following the singles ‘Josh’ and ‘Symptomatic’ – released in February and June, respectively – and acoustic versions of both. She also teamed up with LA-based house producer Leat’eq in July, dropping the collaborative single ‘Tokyo (Bubblegum)’.


The new release pre-empts her forthcoming single ‘Heavy’, which is set to land on November 5 via Republic / Universal. Curnow previewed the track on TikTok earlier this week, showing off a more reflective and melancholic sound. It comes almost a year after she first teased the track, with an earlier preview posted last November.