Peach PRC has come out as a lesbian

She joked on Instagram that "the closet was made of glass"

Peach PRC (aka Shaylee Curnow) has formally come out as a lesbian, sharing the news on TikTok with a teaser for an upcoming song titled ‘God Is A Freak’.

The track – which Curnow “leaked” last week, noting that she thought her label (Island/Universal) “would say it was too controversial” – sports the lyrics: God is a bit of a freak / Why is he watching me getting railed on the couch, staying pure for a wedding / He’s got fucked up priorities.”

In her coming-out post, Curnow pointed to the track’s success as a reason for her declaring her sexuality. “Since this song has been blowing up,” she wrote in the video’s captions, “I guess now is a good time to tell you all, I’m a lesbian.”


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the people on my private account already know this but pls be nice 💖 any negative comments will be deleted

♬ original sound – Peach PRC

She joked in a follow-up post on Instagram that “the closet was made of glass,” having previously identified publicly as bisexual and often sharing stories of her relationships with women on TikTok.

In a 2021 interview with The Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield, Curnow said: “Every gay person I knew, or bi person, was like, ‘Yeah I always knew. I’ve known it since I was little.’ I don’t remember knowing from a young age that I liked girls.”

Last week, she showed followers of her TikTok side-account a preview of an acoustic folk song with overtly queer themes. In it, she sung: Never got love songs / Never cried over breakups, over guys / Wasn’t my heart that broke, I just didn’t know / And I still didn’t get it, ’til somebody said / If I changed out the name, Rosie and Juliet.”


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♬ original sound – peach prc

‘God Is A Freak’ doesn’t have a set release date, though Universal has made it available to pre-save. The single will mark Curnow’s first release as Peach PRC for 2022, following a whirlwind year in 2021. In addition to her viral hit ‘Josh’, the year saw her release singles ‘Symptomatic’ and ‘Heavy’, as well as the Christmas-themed ‘I’ve Been Bad, Santa’.