Pearls return with two new singles, ‘Come See Me’ and ‘Heartbreaker’

The Melbourne glam-pop outfit are back after four years with a pair of new singles and an expanded lineup

Melbourne glam-pop quintet Pearls have returned after nearly half a decade with a pair of new singles, ‘Come See Me’ and ‘Heartbreaker’, released simultaneously.

In a statement, the band said ‘Come See Me’ was “written by two people who had just broken up. It’s a tug of war between rude guitars and barbarous lyrics. A spat, finished resolutely in under 3 mins.”

‘Heartbreaker’, meanwhile, is about “being left bewildered in the ashes of something you thought was going to be with you forever but ends up turning you into a stranger in the eyes of someone you loved.”


Listen to both tracks below:

The double A-side release mark the first new music from the group since their 2016 track ‘Superstar’.

The band have since expanded into a five-piece, with frontman Ryan Caesar and drummer Ellice Blakeney joined by new members James L. Payne, Sam Wass & Zoe L. Hunting.

Both ‘Come See Me’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ are taken from the band’s forthcoming second studio album – the follow up to 2015’s ‘Pretend You’re Mine’ – which is set to arrive later this year.


‘Come See Me’ also features in the first episode of the new ABC/Netflix series Why Are You Like This, which is set to premiere tonight. ‘Big Shot’, taken from ‘Pretend You’re Mine’, is also the series’ opening credits song.