Perfect Moment releases debut self-titled EP

A music video for 'Lost In Rome' has also been released

Alex Gow has released the self-titled debut EP for his new project, Perfect Moment, after announcing he had moved on from Oh Mercy earlier this year.

In addition to the EP release, Gow has shared the music video for ‘Lost In Rome’, a track off the new record. The clip was edited by Gow and contains home video footage from the ’60s and ’70s from an Italian family friend’s archive.

Watch the music video for ‘Lost In Rome’ below:


Gow said Perfect Moment was inspired by the 1988 exhibition of the same name, hosted by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. In a statement, the singer explained how the EP came together, including enlisting the help of The Presets‘ Kim Moyes.

“I re-discovered my love of that strange music which is neither strictly ‘dance music’ nor ‘traditional songwriting music’ but instead, this charming third thing,” Gow said.

“I needed someone that understood dance music to help me. Kim made me understand that I was on the right track, but I needed to be more confident in the power of the songs via some big mutes. The result was a much leaner, and exciting brand of my faux-dance music.”

After playing as Oh Mercy for almost 15 years, Gow decided to change direction in April, announcing the decision on Facebook. Prior to the release of his EP, he released the tracks ‘Time & Date NY‘ and ‘Cruel Change of Heart‘.


Oh Mercy’s last release was the 2018 studio album ‘Café Oblivion’.