Perfume Genius covers Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’

Mike Hadreas gives his take on the dream-pop classic

Perfume Genius has shared a cover of Mazzy Star‘s 1994 gem ‘Fade Into You’ as part of Amazon Music’s ‘Amazon Originals’ series. It’s included in the streaming platform’s PROUD playlist.

You can listen to a snippet below – it’s available to stream in full if you’re an Amazon Music subscriber.


“I chose ‘Fade Into You’ because I carried it with me for a long time and I always looked to it for the warmth and the very heavy vibe that it always brings,” the songwriter explained in a statement.

“It felt almost uncoverable but I wondered what I could do to make it sharper and maybe a little more desperate but still maintain the sort of beauty of it and the quietness of it.”

Last month, Perfume Genius – real name Mike Hadreas – released his fifth studio album, ‘Set My Heart on Fire Immediately’.

In a four-star reviewNME wrote that the album sees Hadreas explore “more organic, nuanced sounds”.

“He may have dialled the swagger back a little for album five, but his music still simmers with intensity, rather than bursting into flames.”


In February, Mazzy Star co-founder David Roback died aged 61.

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