PhaseOne and Polaris team up for collaborative single ‘Icarus’

The song marks the first time Polaris have collaborated with another artist on new music

Polaris have collaborated with producer PhaseOne to create a new single, entitled ‘Icarus’.

The song, released today (July 27), marks the first time the band have worked with the producer – or, indeed, released an official collaboration with any other artist. In a press statement, Polaris drummer Daniel Furnari said that he and his bandmates were “instantly excited to explore what we could do together” when PhaseOne got in contact about making the song.

“He’s worked with a lot of artists we love, but most importantly he has an incredible knack for combining elements from a whole variety of electronic styles with really killer metal parts,” he said.


In his own press statement, PhaseOne explained that the song’s origins came from him “just writing a straight metal track for fun”. “Once it started taking shape, I couldn’t help but add electronic elements,” he continued. “I think the result is awesome as it flows so seamlessly between genres.”

Listen to ‘Icarus’ below:

Lyrically, Furnari noted that the single dealt with “reflecting on humanity’s seemingly endless ambition and self-interest, and [its] failure to recognise or learn from the destructive ramifications of that tendency”.

The song marks the first new music from Polaris since the release of their second studio album, 2020’s ‘The Death Of Me’. The band belatedly toured in support of the album and its single ‘Vagabond’ earlier this year, including both national and regional tour dates. PhaseOne, meanwhile, was last seen on the Kayzo track ‘Meet You In The Sound’, released last month. The track saw the producers work with Of Mice & Men frontman Aaron Pauley.