Phi11a shares live band performance of ‘Witness’

"Seeing as I can’t perform live here is a gift from me to you"

Sydney rapper Phi11a has dropped a live performance video of his latest single, ‘Witness’.

The performance involved a full live band consisting of Phi11a, Moses Macrae, Ben Freeman and Setwun. The clip was co-directed between Mark Miro Dadić and Carlos Romanos and edited by Murli Dhir, who also provided extra animation. Watch it below:


“Seeing as I can’t perform live here is a gift from me to you,” Phi11a wrote in the video description.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported this song and helped it grow it so much. I love you guys forever! I do it all for you.”

The rapper initially teased the live performance on Twitter last week, also noting he will be dropping a new single “with hip hop ROYALTY” sometime in the future.

‘Witness’ originally dropped in April and featured American rapper Trippie Redd. The music video premiered earlier in May.


Upon release, Phi11a said he had already envisioned Redd as a featured artist when he wrote ‘Witness’ in 2018.

“It’s crazy. When I originally started working on this song, I thought of either Trippie or Young Thug for the feature (if there’d be one),” he said in a statement.

“He understood the spookiness and gloom within the song, but also its explosive potential. His verse is crazy. It’s straight from the playbook of my favourite Trippie era. So even from the start I feel like the song had his energy in it.”

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