Phil Fresh, Kwame and Kymie team up on new single ‘IG Luv’

Its colourful music video is an homage to Hype Williams

Kwame and Kymie have jumped on Phil Fresh‘s new single ‘IG Luv’.

‘IG Luv’, released today (March 25), is also the first song of 2021 for each of the three Sydney-based artists. The track is a playful reflection on social media romance and arrives accompanied by a colourful music video.

Directed by Rewiti Brown and Phil Fresh himself, the clip stars all three artists and is inspired by the work of influential music video director Hype Williams (The Notorious B.I.G., OutKast). Watch it below:


“Whether it’s success or failure, the whole concept of sliding in the DM’s or ‘IG LUV’ as we coined it is kinda funny and I think both the lyrics and beat show that off really well,” Phil Fresh said of the track in a press release.

While the track marks the first collaboration between the three artists, Kwame and Kymie are no strangers to working together. The two artists teamed up on the 2020 single ‘Name’, which they later followed up with ‘Name Pt. 2’.

Both tracks featured on Kymie’s debut EP, ‘Indecision’, released in December last year. Kwame served as producer on the record.

Elsewhere, Kwame and Phil Fresh previously worked on the single, ‘TOMMY’S IN TROUBLE’, together. The single dropped last year and also featured CLYPSO.

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