Philadelphia Grand Jury share kitsch animated video for ‘Nervous Breakdown’

Reuniting with artist Luke Arnold

Philadelphia Grand Jury have shared a kitsch new animated video for their comeback single ‘Nervous Breakdown’.

The clip, directed by Erin McBean, animates the drawings of artist Luke Arnold to the lyrics of the song – watch it below:


The band said Arnold’s art “basically says everything we think, but before we think it and in a much better way”.

“Erin [McBean] taught herself to animate during Covid. Her background is film production, in particular documentaries, so it was a pretty wild ride watching it come together,” the band said in a press statement.

“She’s a real badass boss woman. After working with Luke [Arnold] on the art for last year’s single ‘$10k’, once we finished ‘Nervous Breakdown’ we were desperately hoping he would say yes to working with us again.”

Upon its release, frontman Simon Berckelman said ‘Nervous Breakdown’ is a timely song by accident, having written it “about a year ago, right when the world was heading full charge into oblivion without even realising it.”

“The song is a combo of that anxiety only being in love can really create and how that gets mixed up with everything else into a big old crazy blender,” he said in a press statement.

“At the same time as getting it all off my chest, I can’t help but ask myself if it’s valid and if anyone else even has any interest in hearing about it? Am I simply lucky to have the time to be preoccupied with my own innermost feelings? Other people have to dig holes, drive buses, that kind of thing.”


New tour dates from the band are still expected to be announced in coming weeks. Having reunited in 2013, Philadelphia Grand Jury released their second album ‘Summer Of Doom’ in October 2015. Their most recent release was the 2019 single ‘$10K.’